Funny Name: Great Place.     Population 327.    We just call it HOME.

Nestled along the banks of the Greybull River, the earliest Army Engineering Corps came upon

this area known to the Crow Indians as  Mee  (pronounced "may-tay"), meaning 'meaning good, a place of good fortune or good hunting'. The Shoshone Indians were very fearful of the Crow and referred to the area as  Tee tse  (pronounced "tay say"), meaning 'Crow near'.

The Corps Captain doing the Mapping named the area  Mee tee tse (pronounced "may tay say") , essentially a corruption of both the Shoshonean and Apsaalooke Siouan languages.

.......say that fast 3 times in a row.  ;)

Our GOAL is simply that YOU leave the area simply calling it "Fabulous and Fun !!"

We will do what we can to help that become a reality.

Now days, we just say "It's where Cheifs Meet".... and You're the Chief on your Vacation!

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Food, Fuel, Fishing Supplies 

EVERYTHING in 1 place


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